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Username Post: They look cool but what is the purpose of the blade design?Thx.        (Topic#229609)
Member KnifeNut!
07-30-03 11:37.05 - Post#284837    

    In response to tsg68

jackknife wrote-
In reply to:

They are to look cool and sell knives to impresional people.

No one ever complained about the impression my Cold Steel tanto made on them.

Master Member KnifeNut!
07-30-03 12:13.17 - Post#284852    

    In response to LordChunkyFat

I believe the Tanto has nothing to do with the shape of the blade it's a knife of a particular length! A knife or dagger with a blade 12" inches or shorter and with a guard. An Akuchi is a knife of the same size without a guard.

I'm not shore what they were originally used for but i have a filling they were just a backup weapon or for a two handed attack and the akuchi was used for a utility knife!

Here is a great link on Japanese swords and knives

It may seem like I'm doing nothing but on a cellular level, I'm very busy!

Esav Benyamin
Master Member KnifeNut!
07-31-03 19:09.05 - Post#285192    

    In response to lune2ne

My first good tanto was a small Cold Steel 3" blade. Being Cold Steel, it was a double hollow grind, not a chisel. Like a wharnecliff, the straight cutting edge was very precise, and the small front edge was especially handy for office work.

I just used a Severtech auto tanto, double flat grinds, to shave the old labels off a box. Again, precision with that straight front edge.

I don't care where it came from as long as it works for me.

The original Japanese tanto looked more like a puukko, a straight-backed knife with a parallel edge that curved up sharply to make a point. The American modification is too widespread for me to believe it is nothing but hype. Too many people find it useful -- you don't fool that many of us for that long a time.

Look at the relative lengths of the Japanese combat cutlery: a long katana, a medium length wakizashi, and short tanto. It seems logical to have a utility length, even if only as a camp knife -- soldiers do spend a lot of time away from the comforts of home.

Chisel grinds are also useful in their own ways. They work fine on chisels! Japanese kitchen knives also use them for very thin cuts, but the chisel grind has to be on the side of the strong hand holding the knife and the flat on the side of the hand holding the meat or fish or vegetable to be cut.

Journeyman KnifeNut!
08-18-03 16:30.22 - Post#291236    

    In response to bjavo

My EDC is a Severtech Auto at work. Is is so useful 3 of my coworkers now have them. It is a fantastic gasket scraper. Mine is used hard and is about 3 years old. Last week i cut a rusty swamp cooler off a galvanized roof jack with it. NOT recommended but when you have one knife in your pocket and it is a working knife, Oh well. As a mechanic i would say the tanto is a very servicable design, especially a rugged one like the Severtech. Oh, it gets the mayo off my hamburger at lunch too.
Master Member KnifeNut!
08-19-03 10:23.41 - Post#291357    

    In response to bjavo

Blade craft is an art. The tanto blade design has been evolving for so long, that any of us who would even attempt to critizice it could be surprised tomorrow. Is just another flower in the garden.........enjoy the variety.

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