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Username Post: How do you carry your knife?        (Topic#102630)
Master Member KnifeNut!
01-16-01 04:16.00 - Post#102640    

    In response to 2thehilt

UDT in the right front pocket.

I've always felt that the back pocket was more apt to slip out when sitting etc.

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UW Mitch
Master Member KnifeNut!
01-16-01 04:50.00 - Post#102641    

    In response to Gus~

I'm very paranoid that my knife will slip out of my pocket. Lately I've been realizing the advantages of a belt sheath for my folders. Unless my entire belt falls off the sheath will be on there. If it's a good sheath, the knife will stay in it.



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Lucky Dog
Master Member KnifeNut!
01-16-01 06:45.00 - Post#102644    

    In response to Tonie

I tend to carry many knives on a rotating basis, but I carry one of my LCC D/A’s in a TAD-S1 sheath horizontally, almost on a daily basis. It rides very nicely, and I don’t have to worry about scratching up the titanium bolsters. These sheaths can be bought from Patrick of TAD.

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Member KnifeNut!
01-16-01 10:09.00 - Post#102645    

    In response to Lucky Dog

On belt, right hip, where my gun would be if I carried one.
Have made a cordura slide that fits tight over the belt to protect it from the G-10 in the handle of the Benchmades.

Not likely to loose it, and out of the way. Front or back pocket would be worse I think (at least for me).

Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-16-01 17:00.00 - Post#102642    

    In response to UW Mitch

I had a Boker toplock I was carrying on the belt in a horizontal sheath. It was taken out of it's sheath without me knowing! Luckily it was a friend and he gave it back. I should say that he is a magician and does a pickpocket act for a living. I am sure however, that there are those who are just as good that are not friends.......

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Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-16-01 17:48.00 - Post#102643    

    In response to kidd

A friend of mine who is an immigrant from Nicauragua convinced me that back pocket carry is dangerous.

We were at work, and I had a Spyderco Rescue clipped into my right hip pocket. I was standing at a bench in the lunchroom reading a notice and he came up behind me, pushed me against the bench and grabbed my knife. He could have simulated cutting me, but he made a mistake and started to back off. With the wiggle room he gave me I managed to twist around and tapped him twice in the chest simulating a throat shot. The folks sitting there eating lunch found the whole incident very interesting. It was right then and there that I decided a lethal force tool exposed in the back pocket, beyond my control, was a serious mistake.

You don't have to be very adept to steal a tool like that. I know I'm not and I did it to one of my class mates the other night at practice. And I took it from his front pocket.

All you need is love...a sharp blade and a full clip

All you need is love...a sharp blade and a full clip

Master Member KnifeNut!
01-16-01 18:32.00 - Post#102646    

    In response to Mikke

You folks have made some valid points, I always carry my KFF in my right front pocket and something smaller in my left rear. I always hoped that anyone intent upon relieving me of the one in my back pocket would think twice after getting a glimpse of the bigger one in the front pocket. I will start carrying the backup somewhere else now. Thank you very much.
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Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-16-01 22:05.00 - Post#102647    

    In response to bladewizard

and BM 710 Axis in right front pocket.



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Master Member KnifeNut!
01-17-01 01:49.00 - Post#102648    

    In response to David1967

I usually carry my knife in my right front pocket. If it does not have a clip, such as my Gerber Paul knife, it is mixed in with my keys and change. If it is my Umfaan, in its small leather slip case, it depends. I have been concerned with pulling it out with my keys** and sometimes have it tucked in my back pocket. It is relatively small and deep in the pocket and would be harder to grab, unless someone used a razor, to make a slit. Perhaps someone familiar with how pickpockets work can provide some more opinions.

I do like clip knifes that carry deep in the pocket as such carry is more secure, both from being stolen and from being inadvertently caught on something and lost. That is one of the reasons I bought an Al Mar SERE 2000. I find, however, anything over 3 ounces a little heavy for everyday carry, and the SERE 2K is about 6 ounces. I interestingly find that this 2K knife although long, is not a problem with longer pockets found in sport slacks, such as khaki’s, because of its deep carry. When wearing jeans outside in the yard or wherever, I find the SERE 2K or the Sebenza can be uncomfortable, if in my right front pocket, when I bend or squat in blue jeans. I have also found that knives that ride higher are more likely to start riding up with the possibility of popping off.

A friend who was in law enforcement for many years, carefully tucked in the lanyard (or fob) on his Sebenza, because he was specifically concerned with someone grabbing it.

**I believe that is how I lost a small Cold Steel Shinobu key chain knife. I had to check it at a court house, and unclipped it. I believe I left, picked up the knife, and did not immediately clip it back. I think that then it must have caught enough to be pulled out of my pocket, the next time I pulled out my keys. Since I lost it, I am not sure exactly how it did get lost.

Jack Goertz
Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-17-01 16:19.00 - Post#102649    

    In response to Donald

Right hand side, in the waistband, so the clip actually fits just inside the forward edge of the hip pocket. The Socom E. rides very low so the knife does not creep back out. The clip is concealed by the belt. If worn with a sport jacket, even when the jacket is unbuttoned, the knife is still concealed. It is unobtrusive, in fact, I have to check with my hand to confirm the knife is still in place. I'm sure a competent pickpocket (after all some of those guys take your watch off without your knowing) could probably get it. But short of that, it's not going anywhere. Jack


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