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    Username Post: Time for a new cane...        (Topic#917929)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-23-11 11:28.03 - Post#2423530    

    Back in 2002 I made three canes. Used cloth Micarta for the shafts, aluminum fittings and India Sambar Stag for the handles. Here's a few pictures of one of them:

    So... I got the "bug" again. I saw some on custom knifemaker Tom Anderson's site, made from titanium. WOW!!!! Almost a thousand bucks and up!!!! Got to thinking... it's time to make another for myself.

    I ordered a piece of titanium tubing, .750" oudside diameter with .095" thick walls, 48" in length from Titanium Joe. That came 2 days ago. It seems to weigh about the same as the Micarta, but it's so stiff, it won't bend at all using all my strenght (I'm 6'4" and 230 lbs). The one's I made with Micarta are the same outside diameter, but do flex a small amount.

    I also ordered some 3/4" round bars of 6061 aluminum and several pieces of India Sambar Stag, both off EBAY. I know a guy nearby that has a machine shop. When the aluminum and stag come in, I'll contact him about making the aluminum fittings on a lathe.

    I'll keep ya'll posted as to the progress.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-27-11 15:53.22 - Post#2424860    

        In response to likes2watch

    Sounds very interesting. Waiting patiently.

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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    01-11-12 11:02.48 - Post#2430068    

        In response to palmerdl

    Got all my supplies and went to work. Contacted my friend and he cut the 3/4" aluminum dowel on his lathe. The inside diameter of the ti tube is .540" so he cut the aluminum down to .541" where it fits into the tube. The other end, where it fits into the stag grip was cut down to 1/2". He also cut some grooves because besides being a "press fit", I was going to use some JB WELD in the joints.

    I cut and drilled some spacer material, both white fiber and blue Micarta.

    I cleaned everything with acetone, put the epoxy on the end of the aluminum fitting and gently tapped the fitting into the ti tube. I then used a vise and clamp to compress the assembly. It probably didn't need the clamps but I figured, what the hell and used them anyway.

    After 24 hours, I took the clamps off.

    Using my belt sander, and hand held cloth abrasives, I removed the excess spacer material. I then used my buffing wheel to polish the aluminum and spacers.

    I measured the ti tube and cut it with an abrasive cut off wheel on a hand held grinder. Ground the end and epoxied the spacers and bottom plug into the ti tube. Again, I used the clamps. After another 24 hours, I repeated the sanding and buffing process.

    I drilled the stag handle for the aluminum fitting. First drilling with a 3/4" bit so the aluminum fitting would butt up to the stag, then used a 1/2" bit so the 1/2" end of the aluminum would fit into the stag. Again, cleaned everything with acetone and epoxied the assembly. This time the use of clamps was necessary.

    And that's where I am today... tomorrow I'll remove the clamps and .... maybe "pin" the stag-aluminum joint. We'll see... I'll post tomorrow.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    01-12-12 14:32.03 - Post#2430509    

        In response to likes2watch

    Well... I've skiped a few of the steps, but here is the finished product. It's all better documented on EDC FORUMS

    And here it is with one of the canes I made 10 years ago. It feels about the same weight but I don't have a scale to measure. I like the look of titanium and the fact that the shaft is narrower than the Micarta (3/4" vs. 7/8"). I also like the fact that's its as solid as a crowbar... now hopefully I won't need to use it as a cane too soon, I'm only 58 years old.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-12-12 15:06.02 - Post#2460965    

        In response to likes2watch

    Nice work. I'm not the craftsman you are so I took the opposite approach to getting a custom cane and had Berger in South Africa custom engrave one of his titanium head canes with my class crest (see my avatar). Pictures of it are posted somewhere in this subforum.

    But what you did is really neat - I like the idea of the strength of the Ti cane. You could have a small business making up some of those for sale to forum members like me if you were interested.
    MIKE #1969
    Founding Member

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-16-12 18:49.35 - Post#2462226    

        In response to Consultant

    I like making them for fun. If I started making them to sell it would feel like a job.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    06-11-12 13:24.13 - Post#2476766    

        In response to likes2watch

    Was at an auction a couple of weeks ago and was out bid on an old folk art stick, so went home and carved this one out of a knot I had drying out in the garage. Blackened with a torch, sanded, and shellac- linseed oil finish.


    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-24-14 01:16.58 - Post#2591299    

        In response to rdhollem

    Decided I wanted to be able to travel with my cane on an airplane or to able to pack it in a backpack or suitcase. Called my friend Cory (the machinist) and I went out to his house. We cut the cane in half on his lathe, machined a 3/8" nut and bolt and press fit them into the cut ends of the cane. Even though Cory said we didn't need to, I wanted the nut and bolt to be pinned in place. Here is the resul;t and I now have a take down cane.


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