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    Username Post: Helle Temagami        (Topic#922477)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-05-12 03:08.33 - Post#2467867    

    Just received mine.. Beautiful. I ordered carbon and it is sharp. F&F is fine and sheath fits good
    too. I'm not much on reviews as I think this has been done. Question however is: Is there a chance of the handle cracking if the blade is batoned hard? I'm waiting on the DOKKA !

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    The Puukko Prophet
    05-05-12 04:18.23 - Post#2467877    

        In response to Beawolf

    Hmm, I've never actually seen a handle crack on anything from batoning. I guess anything is possible though. I have batoned my Temagami without issue but I don' t know that I'd define it as "hard" batoning. I generally don't try and split logs when I baton Usually its smaller stuff, say 2" and under maybe, that doesn't require me to really beat through it.
    There are some who call me... Tim.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-05-12 04:35.42 - Post#2467887    

        In response to tstetz

    Thanks, maybe I'm overthinking this.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-05-12 21:25.37 - Post#2468065    

        In response to Beawolf

    In a German forum I read about this issue, too

    Interesting that splitting wood is a major issue on English/American dominated forums. Seems the outdoors folks have differing priorities.

    Helle has reacted to this phenomenon by adding an Americanized design to their line giving up the traditional Scandinavian rat tail tang design.

    Finally the closest relatives are the hunter, eggen, fjellkniven and the folkekniven as I can see it. So if the (IMO emotional only) aspect of a more massive tang like at the Temagami feels better there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe except the price. The others have significantly less steel in the handle but still enough to do even batoning. And you pay less.

    So if you don't hit the handle with the baton and limit yourself to logs under 2 inches and avoid knots or real hardwoods any Helle should do fine!

    Remember batoning applies VERTICAL forces to the blade.
    Measure: blade is about 20+ mm and spine 10+ mm high.
    This IS massive.
    Avoid lateral forces as the blade thickness is just average 3.5 mm only.

    If you respect And observe these mechanical features you'll add a lot of life expectancy to any knife!

    the sharper your knife - the easier your life!

    see you at the Fällkniven forum

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-06-12 04:44.01 - Post#2468145    

        In response to foxhunter

    Thanks for the info Goert.
    Member KnifeNut!
    05-31-12 12:49.16 - Post#2474115    

        In response to foxhunter

    I recently saw a nice folder that had been returned to its maker for repairs. It seems that the owner was trying to split too large a piece of wood and took a rock to the handle because there was no exposed blade. Evidently the owner hammered on it for some time because the poor knife was a mess.

    I have to wonder just how many of the stories about problems batoning are simply instances of expecting too much of the particular knife.

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