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    Username Post: A G Russell Loveless lockback        (Topic#921354)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    03-30-12 04:15.08 - Post#2456712    

    I am a big fan of AG's Japanese knives so I ordered the Loveless lockback as soon as I saw them on AG;s website. I just received mine and wow! It is perfectly made and razor sharp. As with all of AG's knives, the quality exceeds the price - the fit and finish of this knife, as is expected with Moki, is among the best I have seen.

    Here is a pic - note the Dogleg Trapper - another excellent knife in the background.

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    A. G. Russell
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-27-12 23:48.26 - Post#2465921    

        In response to dave_c

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-05-12 06:55.46 - Post#2513992    

        In response to A. G. Russell

    I was looking at this for a christmas present and I have a few questions.

    I really like Loveless' designs and have some of his production pieces. Per the catalog this design has been around for awhile and went into production after his death. All of the other Loveless' factory designs are marked with his name and a kind of modified Loveless logo. Why not this AGR piece? Is it on the back side of the knife? Without the mark, how do we know it is an authorized Loveless design?
    A. G. Russell
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-07-12 03:15.17 - Post#2514665    

        In response to muller

    I do not know how to say this, other than: If it is in my catalog, it is true, I have made a few mistakes over the last 48 years but the kind of lie you are suggesting was never one of them.

    Any person, honest or otherwise can use a loveless style logo, and many do.

    If you research my history, you will find that I do things my way.

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    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-07-12 06:21.58 - Post#2514759    

        In response to A. G. Russell

    Sorry, I did not mean to imply you were lying.

    All of the recent Loveless factory knives authorized by Bob for a specific manufacturer, such as the LoneWolf city knife I bought from you, have some version of his logo/name on the blade. From your catalogs, I've learned that the presence of a maker's name and some version of their mark is a common way for manufacturers to show a production knife is authorized by the famous maker.

    His past factory collaborations all have a specific type of logo and "R. W. Loveless Design" Per your response, it appears that the logo is not on the back side of the knife and the front side does not state "R.W.Loveless Design" but just Loveless Design in a different font and w/o the logo of recent authorized factory knives...Why is it not marked in the same way as past Loveless products?

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    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-21-12 07:09.26 - Post#2519565    

        In response to A. G. Russell

    I guess the lack of response implies the knife is not a design and build authorized by either Bob Loveless or those managing his estate.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-21-12 10:08.00 - Post#2519602    

        In response to muller

    I think you are missing something...."Loveless" has come to mean a style or set of styles.
    Many makers use the term and, I don't know that Bob L ever complained.

    That said, I have no idea if Mr L had anything to do with AG's knife.

    You will, sometimes, see a convex edge called a "Moran Edge". Doesn't mean Bill Moran ground it.
    And quite a few makers use a "Walker Lock" on their folders...
    Not knowing the answer is not dumb. Providing an answer, anyway, is dumb.

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-24-12 12:55.46 - Post#2520177    

        In response to brianWE

    The only generic loveless design is his dropped point hunter. For production knives, he protected the use of his name on the product. It might look like a loveless, but only authorized production knives had his name. With customs, there are a lot of copies, but only a few with the right to use his name.

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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-25-12 02:35.49 - Post#2520279    

        In response to muller

    Let me give You a little information that you might use in the future so you don't imply someone like A.G. is Misrepresenting Something.

    Bob Loveless was a Friend to many of us. Just as A.G. Said - He would come to Visit and Even Stay in Our Homes.

    On many Occasions he would take Pad and Pencil and design something for some of us. He didn't do that because he thought we were cute or fuzzy - he did that Because one of Bob's Biggest Wishes in life was that a bunch of us would make knives of his Design that the average man could afford and use because it was pretty obvious that his hand made knives were all going to collectors.

    When A.G. Says this - You need to believe him - A.G. does not need to make stuff up.

    Bob did the Same for me. I still have the Drawings - Just like A.G. Does.

    These Were Loveless designs - Because Bob Designed them.

    They were not supposed to Bear his Logo and we were not Supposed to Buy them from him - he Freely Gave them to us.

    We Certainly had and still have the right to tell folks that he designed it for us.

    So Far - I have Released Two versions of his Drop Hunter from his Drawings and the Version of a fixed blade City Knife he gave me. None of them have his logo or give him or his estate anything. They were not Supposed to.

    Bob Put on his Big Boy Pants every day and had no problem asking for a royalty when he wanted one.

    He also understood the Word GIVE. When he Gave us Something - that meant he GAVE it to us.

    I don't want to speak for A.G. but in the last 35 years I have never known A.G. to Speak One word that was not True.

    You also need to understand that this is a very small Industry. We all know each other. Bob did this for a lot of People.

    It appears that you might have jumped to the Wrong Conclusion.

    I hope this helps Clarify all of this for You.

    BRKCA MIKE #01
    NJKCA #041

    "I Am America"

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    RIP Chris + 1

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    01-02-13 07:15.46 - Post#2521884    

        In response to MikeStewart

    Yes Bob was a "big boy" that's why he protected his name, designs and build. A factory authorized Loveless Drop Point hunter with his name on it is a lot different that one made following his "design." I've done this comparison at knife shows with newbies. I have them pick up a "real" Loveless, a Lonewolf Loveless, a custom copy and a factory non-authorized copy and you can tell the difference between them. The factory authorized Loveless feels better in the hand and closer to the Loveless custom than the custom copy or the unauthorized factory copy.

    Per your Bark River versions of Loveless knives, neither one has the name Loveless on them like the AGR product. You are not claiming provenence in the stamp, only vague provenence in the ad copy. From the pictures, the "city knife" it is a Loveless in name only, it is certainly not like the original. Your ad copy doesn't claim it as a Loveless design but states it is your design starting from a Loveless design.

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