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    Username Post: Female logic        (Topic#411793)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    06-02-04 21:09.12 - Post#411793    

    I have just received some of Trond Pedersen’s superb hand forged blades.
    Trond is well known in Europe for his top quality, traditionally forged, laminated as well as Damascus blades.
    He lives on the southern tip of Norway, loves his big moustache and good beer - so he must be a good bloke!
    I especially like his short blades and started planning a small EDC fixed blade featuring one of the little beauties.

    I firmly believe that a handle must be hand friendly and comfortable as well as being practical and set out to design a heat handle that would meet these criteria.
    A couple of day ago, while cutting firewood in the local woods, I came across a bit of Blackwood – nothing more than a bent little bit of branch that was just so comfortable in my hand and I put it in my pocket with the idea of tracing a template for future use.
    So, I spent a hour or two planning the handle for my Trond blade – based on the shape of the bit of branch.

    While at dinner last night my wife asked why I am so deep in thought and I told her about the comfortable bit of branch.
    I explained that although the bit of wood felt and looked just right, my template dit not have the same feel or character.
    “And what are you going to make the handle from” she wanted to know.
    “Nice bit of wood” I said.
    “What kind of wood is that bit of branch?” came the question.
    “Australian Blackwood” was my reply.
    “But that is a nice wood not so?”
    “Yes” I say.
    “And you want to make a wooden handle that is the same shape and just as comfortable as that bit of branch”.
    I nod.
    “So why don’t you just use the bit of branch as the handle”?…………

    You cannot argue with female logic!
    I’ll post some pictures when the knife with the bit of branch handle is finished.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    06-04-04 19:34.51 - Post#412632    

        In response to oupa

    The "Bit of Branch" knife is so neat, I made "The Twig" as well!
    These Trond laminated blades are superb.
    DaPoobah - BckyrdKnfMchncsClb and a CntnkrsOl'Frt

    Oupa's Outback Store

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    06-04-04 20:57.06 - Post#412661    

        In response to oupa

    Here is "Twig"
    DaPoobah - BckyrdKnfMchncsClb and a CntnkrsOl'Frt

    Oupa's Outback Store

    10-23-11 05:24.19 - Post#2402491    

        In response to oupa

    It's impossible to argue with "female logic." You can never win. It's really "mad logic" that you are dealing with. You just have to overlook it and move on. Women can't help themselves in this regard.

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    10-06-12 08:53.30 - Post#2501516    

        In response to jalarcon

    great use of a natural resource, before burning branches from now on i might look at them from another point of view.

    secondly i just had a quick look at your gallery and saw you used a grevilla pod for handle material, have your tried a bansia pod or any fruit tree timber for scales eg: mango,avacardo,macadamia, tamrind some of these timbers have lovely grain but i am not sure as to whether they are hard enough to take the punishment of a handle. I have turned these on a lathe with great success. or maybe some coolabah.
    love you work
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    10-06-12 11:52.07 - Post#2501527    

        In response to Obsidianman

    Some topics just refuse to die.
    If you want to win an argument, it is best to stick to the truth.....or,at least, provable untruths.


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