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    Username Post: Spied out the land a bit        (Topic#921902)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-15-12 13:55.16 - Post#2461818    

    I had a week off from school so I did something I rarely do...

    Went downtown, and mingled with, as a classmate calls them, "the freak show".

    Was interesting, from a gentlemen dressed completely as Jack Sparrow walking down the street as I had a coffee, to late night campfire/bar/food for donation (no price tag, you just donated what you felt a veggie burger was worth).

    Couple of points:

    -I've found Greenleaf's observation that mankind is a worshiper entirely on point.
    -found that even the most educated people believe in "god", but the small "g" kind
    -beauty is where you find it
    -mostly vapid, surface level intellectual types who are looking for something, but have the ingrained hesitancy to think of anything outside of themselves.

    Interesting time really, can see why the town attracts Dr's and Dentists and Military types on weekenders. They have highly structured minds, and the seeming chaos is something of a bemusing spectacle for them.

    I suspect this is where existentialism fails, when one lives solely in ones' mind, one invariably has little to do but run variations of the same thought over and over in ones' mind. Add Americans are an optimistic people at our core, so pondering Sartre' simply leads to mouthing "ironic" over and over again, ironically even when they really are speaking of paradox and conundrum but only know to describe whatever it is as..ironic.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-16-12 07:23.00 - Post#2462025    

        In response to fixer28

    My Niece was over doing laundry. She is a soon to be college graduate with two bachelor’s, and she is planning on going back for two doctorates. One of her majors is in history. So I asked her how a university decides who’s research is bogus, and who’s is credible. Much to my dismay they are not looking for actual truths of historic events as much as they are looking for “perceived” truths of historical events. Ultimate truths of events seem to be unobtainable, so why bother.

    Which leaves me thinking about this latest post of yours. No one (I mean a large percentage of humans) cares about ultimate truth. It is my view that God has one way for us to be, and because no can live up to those standards and they know it. They just make up whatever truth they feel is good enough. That my friend is the description you gave about that crowd, and describes the shameful way people are about their own spirituality.

    Everyone knows that ultimate truth is elusive, or at the very least hard work to learn even what they can about it. So everyone is defining truth as they feel it should make sense. That’s like asking a politician to be honest, without accountability.
    CONFIDENCE: Is that feeling you have before you fully understand the situation.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-16-12 12:25.17 - Post#2462131    

        In response to SamW

    Well, the thing is Sam it is not as if they are merely atheists blundering about shaking a fist at a presence that does not exist.

    Most were big fans of I don't know, or some vague spiritualism or what have you, meanwhile turning over extentalists in their mind as if there were truth to be found therein.

    Reminded me a bit of a Johnny Cash line:

    "They say they want the kingdom, but they don't want God in it"

    I also noticed if one even knew 5 verses from Proverb, one was practically a mystic..

    Also noticed while they seemed good hearted, they really were not too concerned with even their own friends.

    True story, young man was standing around the sort of BBQ pit, anyone with eyes could tell he was hurting emotionally. Walked over and asked him what was wrong and he practically broke down crying talking about his girlfriend had an abortion that he did not know about.

    Abortion aside, I'd just met this fella and could tell he had problems, his so called friend were blithe.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-16-12 13:48.24 - Post#2462164    

        In response to fixer28

    It is troublesome to see so many people in my neck of the woods not even care if they are even following their own truth. Let alone any number of paths that have been set before them. People everywhere just seem to think that it doesn’t matter one way or another.

    Reminds me of the saying, “If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything.” And if they do stand for something, they made it up themselves.

    It seems to be like a bad rash that can’t be stopped from spreading. Either that or I am just a lot more aware of it now.
    CONFIDENCE: Is that feeling you have before you fully understand the situation.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-19-12 09:13.28 - Post#2463197    

        In response to SamW

    Well Sam, to me this is a delicate situation in general in the sense that it is quite easy to be quiet and not say a word about Christ.

    On the other hand, it is plain as day that Christ is exactly what is needed in fact I'd go further and say Biblical knowledge is also needed.

    Paul was quite the Evangelist when he said "I was determined to know nothing but Christ, and him crucified".

    Quite bold, however from my extremely humble and reticent pov I wonder if that approach will work.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-24-12 10:56.07 - Post#2464770    

        In response to fixer28

    Nothing to be ashamed of Fix. I fear it is no longer popular to speak of Christ in public. Not like it was fifty years ago anyway. It used to be a status symbol for even a politician to have a faith in God. Now it is only tolerated I’m afraid. Anymore for one to believe only in God is just too narrow minded. So much emphasis is put on inner searching, or personally made up religions from a hodgepodge of theologies.

    It’s just plain old LAZINESS on most of society’s part. Few if any will ever take the time to do research on their own beliefs, or seek council on what little they have discovered. Let alone, (heaven forbid) read the bible.
    CONFIDENCE: Is that feeling you have before you fully understand the situation.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    04-28-12 15:39.22 - Post#2466145    

        In response to SamW

    Honestly, it depends Sam.

    What I mean by that is the old school "accept Christ or burn" will be shouted down forth with and post haste.

    However, had a great adult talk with a self proclaimed agnostic and they were really interested in the reality of Christ's existence especially when it was tied to historical and biblical facts.

    The sign holders of the world actually do far more to damage the cause of Christ then anything I can think of tbh, I adore their passion but Christ=Fred Phelps are becoming linked and it is sad to see.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-07-12 07:13.30 - Post#2468461    

        In response to fixer28

    Being of the Catholic community (we have our own Malayalee (south Indian) community as well), I have a few points of note:

    Catholics, it would seem, are encouraged to read biblical passages - a little every day. One priest mentioned reading the bible and then thinking to oneself about how the passages apply to oneself.

    However: I once approached a pastor about Revelation, and he mentioned that the church does not speculate on the meaning of the eschatological verses of the bible. He also mentioned that the church doesn't encourage discussions on it either.

    There are, however, churches that are based around discussions surrounding the meaning of the bible - this is what they do on Sundays. My cousins attend some of those (non-Catholic) denominations.

    I've also seen some other web sites where the bible is discussed. Sometimes, those sites limit themselves to discussions that surround a particular set of beliefs that surround the bible.

    I feel that for those who are interested in a particular bend of the topic - resources are there for those who wish to access it.

    However, from a Catholic perspective, my cultural community makes a big deal of having small social gatherings after the mass for tea and biscuits and general chit chat (anything), as well as focussing on bringing much effort to bear on new songs from both our children's perspective as well as adults (we have a choir).

    It is my understanding that the Catholic church deems that this is all that is what Christ asked of us.

    What I find interesting about this perspective is this: We can assume that as church-goers we are doing everything that is required of us as Christians. While the church gives credence to the idea that Christ is coming again - it is of the understanding that the church is an acceptable standard for Christians as per Christ's orders. Add to this some evangelical encouragement for people - and we are on the right track

    We share the Eucharist, pray as we were told to, get our share of interpretation of scripture as priests (who are part of St. Peter's establishment) give them to us (they are our authorities), and partake in forgiveness, by being told to forgive others and genuinely apologize during confession.

    So, in general people fall in to many categories, and depending on the category they fall, there is some means to satisfy (just like all modern services) one's interests.

    There are a lot of people who fall outside my descriptions of course.

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