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    Username Post: Tool hints for Saya making        (Topic#922395)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-02-12 00:30.35 - Post#2467048    

    I've been googling around, and have noted the recommendation that a real "saya nomi" is helpful for making saya.

    Around 150 bucks. They better be good.

    However, there's a slightly commoner and cheaper tool that may be a valid price/performance alternative - a "cranked paring chisel".

    I can find 5 in the market place:

    Hirsch (AKA Two Cherries) with an 'S' design:

    A very small/light version by Ramelson (which I've also seen recommended for inletting gun stocks)

    And 3 makers of the "usual" (to me) English design:

    Henry Taylor:



    In carving a "dog leg" chisel is sometimes used:

    I hope this is of interest or use.

    BugBear (Tool Enthusiast)

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    05-02-12 01:16.15 - Post#2467054    

        In response to bugbear

    Tried doing it the traditional way and now I cheat by making 'san mai' sayas and wooden scabbards.

    Step 1 - cut the wood into 3 full width longitudinal sections on a bandsaw - taking care to make the centre section just slightly thicker than the spine width and the outer sections the same width as each other. I do not smooth out the bandsaw lines as these should be in "mirror image" sets that when glued back together should have minimal gaps visible

    Step 2 - cut out the profile out of the centre section with a scroll saw

    Step 3 - align the pieces back into their original positions, glue them together taking care to keep glue out of the blade slot

    Step 4 - shape the outside appropriately.

    Not saying this is the kosher way to do it but if the 3 sections are lined up correctly the glue lines are unobtrusive and apart from the time it takes for the glue to set the whole job takes very little time and effort
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