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Username Post: Damascus steel questions...        (Topic#922266)
Master Member KnifeNut!
04-26-12 16:46.43 - Post#2465522    

watching a show on gunsmithing today one of them mentioned that the process they use to create their damascus barrel is by laying wire across the barrel and heating it into the steel itself in order to create a pattern.

This got me to wondering - I've seen damascus at all sorts of price ranges, with all sorts of different descriptions.

For example Fallknivens NL5 damascus blades are said to be VG10 cores with damascus folded around them and differentially hardened.

Other blades simply say they are damascus - some look like they really are made in the way the Gunsmith described, others look like they are actually folded steels with a completely random pattern.

What are the different variations of damascus? Is it simply a way of describing a patterned steel, or is there an actual true damascus steel?

I realize this is going to be a lengthy subject to get into - if some one could just nudge me in the right direction with a link that has solid information I'll do the reading.

I just don't want to come up on bad information, I'd like to understand what damascus steel truely is at all different aspects.

Is there an answer to this? Am I all jacked up in my confusion on damascus?
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BRKCA Mike #201

Big Mike
Master Member KnifeNut!
04-26-12 23:02.37 - Post#2465552    

    In response to DirtyBlackSocks

Study Wootz Steel if you want to know about Damascus Steel.

Everything you mention is not.

Big Mike

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Master Member KnifeNut!
04-27-12 01:40.50 - Post#2465608    

    In response to Big Mike

A few words...

Internet search

Use these to build a foundation of basic knowledge, then come back to ask specific intelligent questions.

You keep coming up with "What is up with the political systems?"


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Master Member KnifeNut!
04-27-12 02:31.42 - Post#2465644    

    In response to Nasty

Thanks Mike, Wootz bumped me towards the right place to understand the root of the question I had.

Nasty, I'm getting there - I was just really confused when reading up on damascus. I couldn't figure out if it was an actual steel or a way of prettying up a blade.

I got my answer.
"The trouble with quotes on the internet is verifying their authenticity."
Abraham Lincoln

BRKCA Mike #201

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