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    Username Post: MPK in the field        (Topic#867794)
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-28-09 07:37.36 - Post#2016758    

    Hello everyone, was out working over the holidays and ended up getting stuck out in 4x4 land. Had to get a fire going and this MPK came in handy. Photo was snapped by a co-worker who used this MPK to pry open a steel front door just weeks before. Notice the new MFK folder on my dropdown holster leg.




    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-28-09 08:38.11 - Post#2016810    

        In response to MissionMan

    No firesteel
    Sir Charlie
    Barkies, My Humble Collection
    Black Sheep Crew
    Mike # 810

    12-28-09 12:14.34 - Post#2016948    

        In response to hamco9

    How does the knife start the fire?
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-28-09 14:12.53 - Post#2017036    

        In response to MissionMan

    This is an MPK "in the field" with My Nephew, Iraq, 2008.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-29-09 07:27.09 - Post#2017501    

        In response to atlatl55

    This is a true action shot and I just finished chopping a tree with it. I just happened to have the knife in this position when I started the fire.

    I am a smoker so I carry a lighter. Cheating yes but when its cold the quickest heat is the best.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-29-09 07:29.19 - Post#2017503    

        In response to crayj

    Great pic of the MPK in the field. Whish we had more of these.

    Also tell him thanks for his service..We do appriciate it here at Mission.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    12-29-09 15:43.07 - Post#2017787    

        In response to MissionMan

    • MissionMan Said:
    Cheating yes but when its cold the quickest heat is the best.

    Cold? How cold can it be in Orange County, California? We had 17 degrees in Boston today, -8°F with the windchill. I thought my face was going to freeze and fall off. I'm getting out my ski mask tomorrow for sure.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    12-30-09 06:50.30 - Post#2018148    

        In response to Phil36

    Actually I was out of the country on this pic. Orange county was far from the mind. It was about 40 deg. not as cold as where you are, but if it was it would have been a lot bigger fire. LOL


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