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Username Post: Strider Flagship Store        (Topic#903272)
Dan Delavan
Journeyman KnifeNut!
05-25-11 16:31.03 - Post#2342215    

Plaza Cutlery “The First, and only “Strider Flagship store”. (HITW)

Josh and I have talked about this for a while, and Mick, Duane and Josh also discussed it, and decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. We know the first question is why Plaza Cutlery. There are more reasons, but will list a few here:

Plaza Cutlery is located in “South Coast Plaza”, one of the top 3 major shopping centers in the world, and is known as the “Rodeo Drive” of shopping malls. Whatever the top malls offer, it was offered at South Coast Plaza first. South Coast is usually 1,2 or 3 in total visitors destination for the state of California. Plaza Cutlery is also about 50 minutes form Strider.

By visiting the store you can see, and handle the knives. How big is a Smf to a Sng to a Pt? You can try them all, depending on what is in stock. New customers can stumble across Strider, with our help. Many of these people would never look at knives in the first place and this way they are exposed to them. That will not happen from just a website. Just this week we had two different customers from Europe that had the store on their list of must see’s while in the states. Both bought Striders and one attended the “ SoCal Meet and Great”.

Plaza Cutlery has introduced more people to knives, and the higher end production as well as custom knives than any other single store. Just on USN there has been a load of new blood that has come through Plaza Cutlery. Some are very active.

The shop is open on average of 11 hours a day, 362 days a year. The staff all specializes in different areas, and there are 3 employees that are really up on Strider, Dan, Yuko, and Mike. Russ and Pam also know a lot. Everyone at Plaza Cutlery specializes in a different area from kitchen cutlery, to Case knives. (Exception, Howard who is the tech guy, but is learning, Emerson and Spyderco is his area of interest)

Plaza Cutlery also offers a website, and is working on a new one with online purchasing tied to the shops database. We ship same day USA and international in most cases.

Plaza Cutlery is starting on a major remodel to bring the shop into the 21’st century. It will be “the place to look at knives”! There will be a dedicated area to Strider with the logo , and between Dan, staff and the boys, they will come up with more ideas for products, both knives, and non-knives that will be run through Plaza Cutlery.

What the flagship store will offer:

This will not affect Striders other dealers.

Regular production will always be offered to Plaza Cutlery first. This way the flagship store will always have stock on hand to show and sell. In many cases Josh will just ship as he will know what we have, and need, and will not have to ask. So there should always be a large selection! Other dealers will have their exclusives, and projects that they will offer. The flagship store in time will have more.

Strider will send prototypes that will be available to show customers. Those who visit the shop will be able to inspect, and add feedback. In some cases there will not be any postings, you will need to ask when in the shop. Josh or I will post here most of the time, or on the Plaza Cutlery website, or the Plaza Cutlery USN Forum. I have a few other ideas also that you will need to ask when visiting the shop once we are farther into this.

Some first runs will go through the shop. Also “one off’s” which are variations on regular knives that are modified and a one shot opportunity. Most cases just one knife.

Plaza Cutlery exclusives are the new Strider Push Dagger, and Boot knife. Information is posted on the Plaza Cutlery website. Pictures are below.
Dan, Duane, and Mick exchanged a page full of ideas that were all approved, but will take time to come about. We should have some knives for Plaza Cutlery’s reopen after the remodel (no date set yet as we just picked an architect so a long way to go, shop is opening).

More info will come to be as time goes on!
Thank you!
Dan Delavan and staff!

Here are a few items we saw at Strider today!

Terzuola folder
First 25 to have hand ground blades by Bob and will be sold at Blade, no dealer discounts so direct sales at the show. No idea on price and delivery on regular production later in the year. I am sure Josh and the boys will let us know!

New Axe
It will not be at Blade. There will be 20 and these may go through Plaza Cutlery. No decision has been made yet! It is pretty cool with a cutting area in the hook and a light pry bar! Should sell for $475

Push Dagger Not priced yet.

Boot Knife Not priced yet.

Terzuola Folder Not priced yet.

New Axe Should sell for about $475

Dan Delavan
Plaza Cutlery, Costa Mesa, Ca.
866-827-5292 toll Free all 50 + Canada!!


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