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    Username Post: i need help on Samuel Peace        (Topic#922556)
    05-07-12 15:12.04 - Post#2468590    

    can someone tell me something abut this knife it was my dads



    05-22-12 06:43.06 - Post#2471961    

        In response to pmschweers

    As early as the 14th century Sheffield was noted for the production of knives and just like Solingen Germany attracted lots of manufacturers of Steel Products. Sheffield from 1825 on was and is known as Steel City. They made everything steel from hay scythes, plow blades, files, pocketknives, Bowie knife replicas, and Dinner Cutlery sets.
    Samuel Peace Sheffield England was a Steel tool maker one of several thousand, Samuel Peace Cutlery manufactured many makes of knives and changed names and types of blades, knives they made many times over the many years of their existence.
    The Peace company started with Joseph Peace file smith Scotland Street, Gales & Martin 1787, and then Peace And Marshall Saw manufacturers Scotland Street, Holden's 1811, and then Samuel Peace File & Saw manufacturer 77 Scotland Street, Baine's 1822, and then the familiar Samuel Peace Cutlers 77 Scotland Street, Baine’s 1825, and they changed Products constantly, Samuel Peace Scythe & Hay, straw &c. knife manufacturer Eagle Works, Russell Street Pigot’s 1841. Samuel Peace Steel & File Manufacturers' & Iron Merchants & Gas Retort Tools Well Meadow Steel Works, White's 1911, Samuel Peace (& Sons Ltd.) steel, files, steel castings, gas retort, tools, iron &c. barr Well Meadow Steel Works, White's 1919. (The name after the street denotes landowner.)
    I could find no later entries in the Sheffield Directory, which does not mean they didn’t exist. I found several references to the fact that Samuel Peace Cutlery changed to making Dinner Flatware, Cutlery Sets and Dinnerware as they got lost in the sea of Cutlery manufacturers in Sheffield England.
    Currently there are two Samuel Peace Companies listed in Sheffield England, one is Engineers and the other is Hardware.
    As far as your knife goes the Bowie knife style was manufactured 1825 to 1925.
    Which year was your Father’s made in, good question?
    As of 2000, Samuel Peace Cutlery Brand name has been purchased by Schrade.
    05-22-12 07:43.31 - Post#2471970    

        In response to pmschweers

    Let me clarify my findings. The Jim Bowie Sandbar fight took place in September 1827, Sheffield Knife Boom took place from 1825 - 1925. The patterns of knife blades that were being made were the Riflemens Long knife and various Western style blades, the exact Bowie knife pattern never really was known, and thus every Bowie Style knife pattern was the makers rendition. The Sheffield Bowie knife boom happened 1830 - 1911, there were still quite a few knife manufacturers that made Bowie style knives up until 1925 and a few beyond that.
    From the research I did Samuel Peace Sheffield England made Sporting Knives only for the period of 1841 - 1911, they made mostly Dinnerware, Flatware Cutlery as a Staple product.

    I hope this helps more then it confuses. It was a real mother to find all the information about Samuel Peace...

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    05-22-12 09:32.41 - Post#2471998    

        In response to pmschweers

    Your going to like this!!! This one sold on E-bay for $255 and was dated turn of the Century 1900.

    It's not a Custom, more like a Production Model.
    This one doesn't have the engraving that yours does..


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    12-30-12 03:26.05 - Post#2521244    

        In response to pmschweers

    hi, the knife in the photo was made in Sheffield in the late 1970s early 80s by Samuel peace she field manufacturers of fine cutlery including stag, buffalo and mother of pearl handled was a side line which they started around that time and exported mainly to the USA.some of the blades had acid etching on them with American emblems and others with stags on them.they sold at the time for around £50.(manufacturers price) probably £100 to £150 retail.hope this was of some help, thanks
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    01-21-13 13:21.35 - Post#2526276    

        In response to sirguy

    Don't you hate that???

    When newbies register to ask for help....then don't come back?
    If you want to win an argument, it is best to stick to the truth.....or,at least, provable untruths.


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