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    Username Post: What's your most interesting old knife?        (Topic#108870)
    09-23-01 11:57.00 - Post#108870    

    I just picked up a real gem at the flea market! It's a Coca-Cola advertising knife from 1945-1950 made by Henckels. (It came with a faded certificate in German, all I can read is the dates) It has gray cracked ice celluloid handles of a type I've never really seen before, and it has a bottle opener on the blade with a Coca-Cola etch. That's a neat folder. I also recently picked up a fixed blade small hunter that dates from the late 1800's with a neat scrolled silver bolster and a great mother of pearl handle (I mean handle not handles its one big hunk of pearl) On that note I was wondering if you other packrats would dig into your collection and tell me what is your most interesting old knife, folder and/or fixed blade?

    Member KnifeNut!
    09-27-01 05:04.00 - Post#108871    

        In response to Crabby

    I got a japanese bayonett that my finnish grand father gave me.
    He got from a dead russian in the second world war. The story goes that the japanese fought the chinese and some chinamen took bayonetts from dead japanese. Then china fought russia and russians took bayonetts from dead chinamen. Then my grand father enterd the picture...
    I dont know if the story adds up ive never checked, i only know that the blade is old enough for the story to be true.
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    09-27-01 09:33.00 - Post#108872    

        In response to Max76

    I have a very old handmade English pen knife that has a tang stamp with a date from the 1700's, though I doubt it's that old. More likely it's from the mid 1800's. It has a unique ivory, perhaps a whale ivory, and hand forged carbon steel blades that have a flat post coming out of the top of each blade. Attached to these posts are round nickel levers that are used to open the blades instead of nail nick's or pulls.

    With a little practice each blade can be opened with only one hand. And I thought thumb studs were invented in the 1970's!?! Well, I guess I was off by over a hundred years.

    I think it's possible that this Sheffield knife may be the first knife made with levers or studs on the blades. Can anyone date one earlier than this?

    I buy twist ring opening and Empire Knif Company knifs.

    09-27-01 12:52.00 - Post#108873    

        In response to Dr.Steve

    I found a broken sword with an 1874 date stamp on it. The handguard was also broken. I cut the blade down to 7" and put a brass twisted rope hilt on it. This is a scan of what is now my oldest knife. I think that because it has a small handle, most people would be surprised to know that it started off as a sword.
    Member KnifeNut!
    09-27-01 16:45.00 - Post#108874    

        In response to BubbaBlades

    Hey Bubba liked your collection, especially the modified fury blade. Got one almost exacly like that but muela.
    Doug Mondt
    09-28-01 12:40.00 - Post#108875    

        In response to Max76

    I have an old cleaver. It is made from 1/4" stock with an 8" slightly curved blade. I found it in the bottom drawer of a stove a friend got at a yard sale. It is stamped DEXTER and has a nice temper line about 2" up from the edge. I have no idea how old it is. I do know it will split pelvic bone with just a flick of the wrist.
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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    09-28-01 18:53.00 - Post#108876    

        In response to Doug Mondt

    I have some old fixed blades my great-grandfather made about 70 years ago. Very simple stuff. Actually they're models that he made while developing designs. One is a dagger, another has a bowie-style blade with a clip point, and the other is double edged with knucks. Made from sawmill blades (L6?). My grandparents, and great-grandmother still use quite a few of his knives in the kitchen.
    Also have a model of a dagger that he carved out of wood.

    The only other old piece that I have is a German (Nazi) officer's dress sabre left to me by a friend of the family. He was in North Africa and Europe, and brought home several. He gave them all away except the nicest one that he kept for himself. Have it, and the flag from his coffin.
    It's a Robert Klaas, with the kissing cranes stamp, Nazi eagle holding a swastika in its claws, and a lion's head at the hilt, with what appear to be rubies for eyes. The D guard comes out from between the lion's fangs. Interesting piece.

    10-03-01 09:34.00 - Post#108877    

        In response to Owen

    Thanks for all your interesting replies folks. I guess I still have some collecting to do (don't we all? LOL) Owen that Nazi item sounds really interesting, you would think that since the Germans made millions of knives and swords there would still be a lot around for collectors. I guess people destroyed them after the war, and I can't say I blame them. The weirdest thing like that I ever found was a spoon made of aluminum with a swastika on the end. It was obviously authentic and I called it Hitler's oatmeal spoon although I suspect he and Goebbels may have used spoons for darker purposes.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    10-03-01 10:33.00 - Post#108878    

        In response to Crabby

    I have my grandfathers PAL RH 36 fighting knife from WWII. The history is very interesting as it saw plenty of use. It is just neat.
    Since 1999

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    10-07-01 13:36.00 - Post#108879    

        In response to kidd

    A Very,Very,Very, good friend and co-worker who just retired gave me a REAL Samuri He had it appraised about 35 yrs. ago at @ 1,500$ and 200 yrs old. Now that gentlemen is a friend !!
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