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    Username Post: New Boston knife laws?        (Topic#199196)
    10-23-02 09:07.44 - Post#199196    

    I had a conversation with a salesman at a Boston knife shop recently. I was told that a new law is in the works or recently passed which would prohibit carrying *any* knife with a blade over 2 inches (perhaps limited to cutting edge over 2 inches). Apparently it was in response to the large number of knife purchases post 9/11. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

    Anyone heard of this, or have a link to said law? I thought it might be something still in session, but can't find anything online whatsoever.

    Thoughts appreciated. Feel free to PM if you'd rather not post.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    10-23-02 13:24.22 - Post#199234    

        In response to mostej

    Try contacting the mayors office or city council.
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    Super Moderator
    10-23-02 20:08.49 - Post#199287    

        In response to mostej

    I believe that the law was passed at 2.5" blade length.

    Who'd have ever thought that a city with such a tradition for Independence brought forth by force and determination would be one of the first to so restrict the free man's rights to arms and accoutrements.

    "By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." B. Franklin

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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    10-24-02 01:30.01 - Post#199315    

        In response to SgtMike88Ret

    So you can't carry a SAK Champ or a Leatherman Wave? Disturbing. We have some family we visit in Boston and now that poses the question of what knife is legal but capable. 2.5"? That's a tough one. Maybe it's time for the Boston folks to go to the polls and fire a few folks. It's their choice but it affects us who travel there too.

    10-24-02 01:43.33 - Post#199317    

        In response to SgtMike88Ret

    I appreciate the info re 2.5". Although tiny, it's better than 2"! I will hunt around for more details and post if I find anything.

    If you think this situation is unfair, look at the firearm license situation: it's pretty much impossible for a Boston (or Cambridge, or certain other towns) resident to obtain a carry license, yet almost any out-of-stater (with a home-state carry permit) can get a non-resident carry license no sweat. So, people living in NH and working in Boston are free to protect themselves in Boston, but the locals aren't.
    Super Moderator
    02-18-03 12:00.44 - Post#230835    

        In response to mostej


    16-45.1 Carrying of Weapons Prohibited.

    No person, except as provided by law, shall carry on his person, or carry under his control in a vehicle, any knife having any type of blade in excess of two and one-half (2 ) inches, ice picks, dirks or similar weapons that are likely to penetrate through police officer's ballistic vests, or other object or tool so redesigned, fashioned, prepared or treated that the same may be used to inflict bodily harm or injury to another, except:

    a. When actually engaged in hunting or fishing or any employment, trade or lawful recreational or culinary activity which customarily involves the carrying or use of any type of knife, or

    b. In going directly to and/or returning directly from such activities, or

    c. If the knife is being transported directly to or from a place of purchase, sharpening, or repair, and if packaged in such a manner as not to allow easy access to the knife while it is being transported.

    Read it and weep fellas. Dam* sad, if you ask me.

    "By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail." B. Franklin

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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-18-03 20:58.10 - Post#230985    

        In response to mostej

    If that happens there fine, but it better not happen in the United States! RKBA!
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    02-19-03 05:30.10 - Post#231080    

        In response to Alan2112

    No doubt. I would like to build a wall around the Northeast, definitely north of the Mason-Dixon line, and maybe east of Ol' Muddy. It keeps us out, true. But it also keeps them in!
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    Master Member KnifeNut!
    02-19-03 11:07.28 - Post#231176    

        In response to BoyNhisDog

    In reply to:

    Maybe it's time for the Boston folks to go to the polls and fire a few folks.

    Considering that this is the state that reelects Teddy Kennedy, Barney Frank, and Marty Sheehan, time after time, I don't think this law should surprise anyone. Unfortunately, I do remember going to a great custom knife shop while in Boston a few years ago for an interview. As I recall, there were quite a few knives there over 2.5 " geegee
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    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    02-20-03 15:12.52 - Post#231596    

        In response to geegee

    I lived in Boston for 3 yrs. about 8 yrs. ago and can say Boston is pretty liberal and also very puritanical and no doubt this is a typical kneejerk reaction by their politicians ( notice I spelled that with a lower case p ). I think its past time we started telling our representatives (I really don't think they represent our cross section of society, wouldn't that put us back in the same place we were in in the late 1700's?!) that we don't need to have everything regulated by government and will take our chances to maintain our freedoms. Criminals don't pay attention to laws! It just damages our ability to excercise our freedom of choice and personal protection options. Makes me ill to think that someone that is ignorant about things as simple as purchasing their own grocerys or walking down a city street without personal security provided by hardworkin' folks tax money are making these decisions "on our behalf". What ever happened to seeking your own destiny? I am willing to take great risk with my life to maintain my freedom. I know I'm preaching to the choir but doesn't it help to vent every now and again?

    I bought a Benchmade Balisong from a cutler on Newbury St. in Boston, can anybody tell me if he's still there?


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