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Username Post: Why Fold a Knife?
Joe Talmadge
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10-10-98 10:30.00 - Post#98104    
    In response to Jesse Garon

We could try reversing this question. Given that I, like thousands if not millions of people, have found that a folder conveniently and legally performs to my satisfaction, why should I go to an illegal and less-conveniently-carried fixed blade? Because the fixed blade might perform better? Well, when I *need* fixed-blade performance that's what I carry. But day in and day out, a folder does what I ask it to do. Period. And many other people have come to the same conclusion. You simply can't argue with that: it meets our expectations nicely.

To switch threads, Cougar has badly mis-stated the legal issue. It has nothing to do with "everyone is doing it", and has everything to do with ending up in jail. If self-preservation is your goal, doing something that might land you in jail is downright foolish. A fixed blade might be "better", but my folder will provide all I need, and legally. Again, when I know I need fixed-blade performance, if the risk analysis warrants me carrying a fixed blade, I'll do it.

And again, I should point out Mad Dog obviously feels the same way, having given his son a folder that he knows will perform up-to-snuff, for legal reasons. Mad Dog is more particular than I am about the folder's performance, but we seem to be agree that there's risk/reward/performance analysis to be done here. Not blind following of "fixed blade good; folder bad".


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