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This one is courtesy of Tim Smith from the Jack Mountain Bushcraft ( course I took in June. This is an easy paracord water bottle holder that I use while canoeing. It holds a bottle nicely on the thwart of a canoe and hangs nicely. NOTE: On Nalgenes, your bottle will not stand freely when this is tied. On Gatorade bottles with a slight depresson on the bottle, it will stand freely since the knot fits in the depression.

What you will need:

Knife to cut cord
32 oz. Nalgene Bottle
5 strands of paracord each 48" long


Step 1:

Measure out lengths of cord

Step 2:

Tie one overhand knot with all the knots halfway down the lengths of cord

Step 3:

Tie two pieces of cord that are close together in an overhand knot that is approximately 2" from the 4 strand overhand knot.

Step 4:

Repeat previous step 3 more times with remaining cords so you create a "X" like pattern. Make sure your knots pass the bottom of the bottle and do not fall on the edge.

Step 5:

Tie knots around the bottle again with adjacent pieces of cord. Make sure your loops you create are not large enough to allow for the bottle to fall through.

Step 6:

Continue this up the bottle to the rim. A standard Nalgene will have 5 rows. My 48 oz. Nalgene has 7.

Step 7:

Take your last piece of 48" paracord and tie the last overhands around it. Once all knots are tied, cinch this cord around the lip of the bottle.

Step 8:

Tie another overhand knot with the last piece of 48" cord to keep the cinch tight.

Step 9:

Pass the ends of the cinched paracord through the other side of the bottle to create a carry handle.

Step 10:

Cut and burn the ends of the cord.

Hope you guys like this handy bottle holder. It can be customized for other objects. A couple tips to wrap up with are:

Don't tighten knots until you are sure of their position.

Wet knots and then tighten. Allow them to dry for the tightest knots.

If you like this tip, pass it on to friends.


P.S. sorry about the quality of these photos. I'm still learning.



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