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Username Post: Help with WWII Kabar
Daniel Nighteyes
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Seeing what the guy did with the information I gave him (see second paragraph below), I feel so dirty...

<--- Taking careful note of this @#$%hole's eBay name.

  • Daniel Nighteyes Said:

I hate to dash an ice-cold bucket of reality on you, but there are several things you need to know about your acquisition.

"Greg Boyington" -- the name that was written on the sheath and therefore the supposed owner of the knife. He was also called "Pappy Boyington", and he commanded VMF-214 (also written on the sheath). VMF-214 is otherwise known as the (in)famous USMC "Black Sheep Squadron". There was an entire television series made about them, and Pappy Boyington was played by none other than Robert Conrad. (I can tell you more about the meaning of "VMF" if you wish, but it isn't germane to the issue at hand.)

Now for the dose of cold reality. Before beginning its important to state that the proper name for these knives is "Mark II". The popular designation of "Ka-Bar" is a matter of historical accident. Now, with that said:

The Sheath -- It is clearly marked with "USMC" and the iconic Marine Corps "Globe and Anchor." Unfortunately, NO MILITARY-ISSUE MARK II SHEATHS WERE EVER MARKED THIS WAY -- and certainly not during World War II when they were first introduced.

The Knife -- Several things about this knife scream "REPRODUCTION!!!" The first is the leather-ring handle. No military-issue Mark II knives EVER had handles that looked like this one. The second is the markings on the blade. Though the words are correct, the appearance is all wrong. Any experienced collector of WWII Mark II knives will tell you the same thing.

In short, I firmly believe that this package was created with the intent to deceive a buyer into paying far more than the package is actually worth. I sincerely hope that you paid no more than $100 for this knife/sheath combination (and even THAT is generous). I'm afraid, though, that you may have paid a good bit more.

With regards and regrets,

-- Nighteyes

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