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Les George
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Anyway, first we have a little look around the shop. I had to use the CNC lab today since there was a class going on in the manual room. The bad part about it not being my shop is that I dont get to decide who uses what, when....

Of course the good side is I get almost free run!

So since I couldn't get in on my Bridgeport that I usually use, I came over to use this bad boy, in manual mode.

Of course I have never even turned a CNC machine on until today, so that took a while to figure out, since I was pretty much on my own.

Here is the rest of the stuff in the room, that I get to learn how to run this fall...

First though, had to get a vice on it and get it squared up.

Then build a fixture to hold the frames, I may want to do this or something like it again, so I made a heavy fixture. (Heavy = good, right?)

Enough, lets cut something!

I didn't know how to zero out the DRO on the display so I just wrote down the coordinates of the 4 corners, so I could hit each one. I am use there is an easier way, but I made it happen!

Then cut the lock, and mill the relief and I am done at this machine! :thumbs:

Get home and almost forget the time stamp!

Here's where we are....

I was having a little trouble getting the back spacer to line up every time I took the knife apart and put it back together, so I added a screw in the spacer into a blind hole in the frame, problem solved!

Coming together, nicely..

Set the detent ball....

Lock is cut free, faced off and fit to the blade

I think I am gonna have to relive it a little more, the lock is pretty hard to move right now!

Tomorrow, I will grind the blade and work on some of the trimmings! Thanks for looking and thank you for all your support! Without you guys, these threads would be boring!

Les George

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