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Username Post: Why Fold a Knife?
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10-10-98 01:06.00 - Post#98097    
    In response to Derek Russell

Brother Cougar, believe me when I say you are preaching to the choir on this one.

However, I do still keep my Sabenza with me. Therea re a number of people here who believe we should give a rat's a$$ what the "sheeple" think. But in real practice, I can't afford to freak them out everyday. Thus, the Sabenza (and the WAVE) allows me to use something without the huge fear factor.

Does that mean I would use the 'benza for my last ditch survival? Only if I can't get to the Operator or A.T.A.K. because my arms are twisted in some way.

Yeah, I still have lots of folders in the display cases. And I carry a multi-tool and a 'benza for specific jobs. But I put my life in the trust of the fixed blade.


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