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Username Post: Carrying knives in Great Britain?
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Basically a folder with a blade 3 inches or less will be fine. If it has a locking blade then there's the potential for bother since case law has held that a locking blade doesn't count as a folder since it "fixes" the blade (I'm paraphrasing the judgement). So the Leatherman Wave is potentially dodgy and I've stopped using mine as EDC after looking at the law.
It is legal to carry longer blades and fixed blades if you can show good reason, work, hobby etc "I forgot it was there" doesn't count Anything that is primarily for defence/offence will get you in a lot of trouble, as will knives which are advertised as Combat or military knives. Any knife which is made to look like something else is also illegal as are switchblades etc.

Of course the main issue is not to get searched/caught in the first place. So getting anything bigger than a 3 inch SAK through customs may be difficult.

Here's a couple of links:
UK Knife laws

Police plea over 'holiday weapons'

Whilst English Law and Scots Law are often very different they're the same in this case although Scotish police seem to be particularly vigorous in trying to crack down on weapons carrying.


ps Good tip for your son, England and Scotland are separate countries so he shouldn't use england/english when he really means Scotland/Scottish. It would be like me calling a southerner a Yankee over with you.
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