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Have any of you been following the recent stories about the search for Amelia Earhart? They think they have found a broken glass jar which held her freckle cream. The current theory is that the jar was broken on purpose and a piece of the jar was used as a cutting tool.

At first I could not believe that the provisions for a trip around the world did not include a knife. Then I realized the kit could have included a knife, but when the plane was ditched it could have been lost.

Then I realized the kit could have included the most excellent knife available at the time. But, it could have been used to dig a hole or for some other task that ruined the edge, making it completely unusable for cutting. Hence the need to improvise a cutting tool from a piece of broken glass.

Carrying this thought one step further, what is the likelihood that their kit included something to sharpen a knife? I suspect it had not been considered. I actually believe that carrying the means for field sharpening is a very rare thing for most people.

So my question to you is: What do you recommend for field sharpening? Assume the person carrying your suggested method is proficient and knowledgeable about sharpening. I would like your answer to cover two different scenarios:
a) The situation where weight and bulk is a concern, but not a huge one. This would be an aircraft survival kit, travel by canoe, by Jeep, horse packing, or provisions in a base camp.
b) The situation where weight and bulk is a major concern. The long distance backpacker, the soldier on a long range patrol.

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