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Moderators, please move this if I have crossed over the line with this post. I will fully understand.

I spoke with a number of people at the Ice In last month about a charity fund I was starting up. Everyone was very receptive to the idea and I thank you all for listening to my 2012 resolution. You will be happy to know, as of last Friday March 8th, the Estela Wilderness Education Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation was established. Unlike some other charities with questionable finances, the MSCF has an excellent rating with various online charity checks. I wouldn't have it any other way in handling mine.

In short, the Estela Wilderness Education Fund will make an annual donation to the Environmental Learning Center of Connecticut. The ELCCT is responsible for the Barnes Nature Center and Indian Rock Nature Preserve in Bristol, CT (my hometown). I learned to hike here with my father and this is my way to give back. The EWE Fund will make an annual donation for the life of the fund off of interest earned. The donation will be used to support camperships, program development and trail/facility maintenance.

I decided to create this fund as my way to give back. I've been very successful in teaching survival skills, writing and presenting information for years now.If it weren't for the Barnes Nature Center though, I may never have had the interest in the outdoors, may never have found Bark River and may never have had the opportunity to hang out on the forums. I believe in honoring your heritage and your roots. This is why I started this fund.

Furthermore, I can say it was a fateful trip in 2006 where I met the BRKT crew down in the Carolinas and since then, my relationship with the family and company has become very strong. I consider them family and thought it was only right to share my good news with them and you here on this forum.

Thank you all who have been so supportive over the years. With this fund, I'll do my best to ensure the next generation has the chance to be exposed to the great outdoors.


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Estela Wilderness Education

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