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Username Post: Merident Cutlery Company
Journeyman KnifeNut!

12-01-03 10:28.26 - Post#321358    

Has anyone heard of Merident Cutlery Company? I own 2 of
these knives with the logo on the blade. They look like old
table knives. Cleaning house and didn't know if I should
hang on to them or not.
Also have a J.Ward knife. J.Ward marked on the blade,with
Atlas Works under the name. Similiar the the Merident knives.

Master Member KnifeNut!

12-01-03 18:10.31 - Post#321524    

According to LG4, Meriden Cutlery Co stamp was used from 1855 to about 1925. I'd hang onto them (or you could always send them to me!). J Ward started in the 1880s, but I am not sure when they stopped production.
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Master Member KnifeNut!

12-01-03 19:08.43 - Post#321540    

J WARD was the budget brand of J RUSSELL & Co.

The brand is documented in the 1880s and 1890s. I don't know how much before or after that it was used. Almost certainly out of use by WW-I,probably earlier.

Here is the US ARMY mess kit knife and fork of the 1890s. J. WARD/ RIVERSIDE, MASS brand (ATLAS WORKS is the more usual WARD stamping). Cast pewter rim handle patented December 19, 1892.

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Journeyman KnifeNut!

12-03-03 00:11.39 - Post#321925    

Thank you for your reply! The answers I was looking for were
in Lv-4 as usual. With the camera I have , I couldn't post a picture for you. Sorry. All three have wooden handles like the military cutlery on Page 452 of #4. Think I will
hang onto them. I like the old stuff!! Thank you for your reply!!

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