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GV stuff
Posted on: 08-28-13 02:00.22     Posted by: Les George

Even though Im not gonna be there, I have been working to have some cool stuff at the show.

Check this out!

  • Quote:
Attached are a couple of quickie camera phone photos of the GV Rockeye Skull edition we'll be taking to Vegas tomorrow!

Black handle, DLC Black Coated CPM-D2 Blade, Shaw designed Sterling silver skull, neon green push button, GV logo laser engraved, individually serial numbered, custom skull lanyard.

The RETAIL price on these is $350 / the special insane price at GV is $200!

We also built only 5 of these (green button, USN marked) pieces with Damascus!


(that would be Chad Nichols BlackOut Damascus, in case you where wondering... )

I guess technically, Dave and crew have been working hard, but still it's pretty cool!

Of course Monkey Edge will have some Frag-ed out ESVs for your perusal as well. So have fun without me, and I will see a lot of you at the California Custom Knife show in October.

Thanks you all for your continued support!

AEB-L, 1080, and 1084(Maybe)
Posted on: 09-13-12 08:53.05     Posted by: Peter Bruno

Peter Bruno
This week we pulled in a bunch of 1080 1" square bar, just waiting to be cut here:

We also pulled in AEB-L, a cutlery grade steel, recently. We're carrying it in .130 and .110 thicknesses from 1" bar up to 13" wide.

Oh, and 1084 is back! It'll be ready to roll out of our shop next Tuesday! The shelves have been emptied out to make room and we're ready to go. Personally, I'm pretty excited.

Posted on: 06-27-12 00:01.57     Posted by: James Nowka

James Nowka

American Knife & Tool Institute Receives

2012 Blade Magazine Industry Achievement Award

Each year Blade Magazine acknowledges the best of the industry at their annual awards banquet held during the Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta. AKTI was honored during this year’s banquet with the Blade Magazine 2012 Industry Achievement Award.

blade_award_2012_125w.jpgAccepting the award on behalf of the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) was Executive Director Jan Billeb: “It was a real pleasure to accept the Industry Achievement Award from Blade Magazine on behalf of the Board of Regents and all members of the American Knife & Tool Institute who have diligently worked since 1998 to ensure that our liberties to make, own or use knives or edged tools have not been further restricted, and to successfully remove knife law restrictions.  We are pleased that Blade Magazine recognizes the achievements of our organization on behalf of the knife industry and all knife owners.  There is still a lot of work to be done to make reasonable and responsible changes state by state and we appreciate the support of the entire knife community.”  

Most recently, in May, the Louisiana governor signed AKTI legislation that made it very clear that a knife with a bias toward closure is not an illegal switchblade.  Bias toward closure language is a concept that has stood the test of time since AKTI introduced it in California over a decade ago. Several states, including Texas and Kansas, have since adopted it, as well as it being incorporated into the Federal Switchblade Act.  This language clarifies that assisted opening knives are not classified as illegal switchblades or gravity knives.  More information about the bias toward closure concept and AKTI’s past successes honored by Blade Magazine is available at

Currently AKTI is working with legislators in South Carolina to pass preemption language, Pennsylvania to remove all knife restrictions, Michigan to remove the switchblade prohibition and other restrictions, Alaska to incorporate the bias toward closure language, as well as in several other states to remove or lessen knife restrictions.

 AKTI President Bill Raczkowski in an interview after the ceremony commented, “Thanks to Blade Magazine for honoring AKTI with an Industry Achievement Award acknowledging the proactive efforts of our organization.  Our members sincerely appreciate the many ways that Blade Magazine and the Blade Show help us spread the word about the importance of AKTI's efforts to keep knives in American lives.”


The American Knife & Tool Institute has been the advocacy voice of the entire knife community since 1998, ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools. AKTI is recognized worldwide as a respected, credible and accurate source of knife legislation information, legislative input, and industry information.


Also receiving an Industry Achievement Award at the banquet was Knife Rights, founded in 2006, for their legislative efforts.

Posted on: 05-31-12 01:46.35     Posted by: James Nowka

James Nowka



AKTI – American Knife & Tool Institute announces South Carolina Representative MIKE PITTS will be speaking at their Legislative Update Meeting during the Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair on Sunday at 10am in room 103.

An avid sportsman and former police officer, Rep. Pitts serves as president of the Executive Council of the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC). The Executive Council plays a critical role in protecting hunting and fishing rights and preserving our conservation heritage. He has represented District 14 in the South Carolina House of Representatives since 2002 and recently introduced legislation ensuring consistency in knife and firearms regulations in South Carolina.

Rep. Pitts’ talk is entitled “How to communicate with your State Legislators” and will explain how to effectively convey your concerns to state representatives to ensure they are heard and taken seriously.

During the show attendees are encouraged to stop by AKTI booth #162 to discuss their knife issues with AKTI board members, and to receive a free gift. Rep. Pitts will be available at the booth from 2pm-4pm on Saturday.�����������

“The American Knife & Tool Institute is very pleased to work with legislators such as Rep. Mike Pitts who appreciate the value of knives as tools in Americans’ daily lives.” - AKTI President Bill Rackowski

Posted on: 04-20-12 04:30.41     Posted by: BladeGal

Michigan residents, visitors and concerned knife users please take the time to read the press release below.

AKTI is making a difference for knife users!

Missy Beyer
Open Door Media

American Knife & Tool Institute
April 20, 2012

For Immediate Release
Jan Billeb
Executive Director
(307) 587-8296

Michigan Bill Will Repeal Switchblade Prohibition!

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is urging all resident and travelers to Michigan to contact their legislators about an important piece of legislation that will repeal the switchblade prohibition in the State of Michigan and reduce the current prohibition on fixed blade knives. This will be a HUGE win for knife owners because it means the utility of one-handed knives will never be in jeopardy of being targeted as switchblades.

Passage of HB 5544 will add the Wolverine State to the growing number of states that do not outlaw switchblades and keep its over 10 million residents plus visitors from potential criminal charges. It will also add Michigan to the states where AKTI has successfully eliminated or clarified terms that are not defined or are too confusing for consistent enforcement.

"We've heard from a lot of Michigan residents concerned about the restrictions to their knife rights over the years and now Rep. Frank Foster has offered to sponsor this key piece of knife legislation," announced CJ Buck, Buck Knives, AKTI Legislative Chair. "Thanks to the tremendous efforts of AKTI's Legal Contributing Counsel, Dan Lawson, working with Michigan Attorney Peter O'Rourke, along with Rep. Foster and his aide Michael Krombeen, HB was introduced yesterday and we look forward to working to see that this legislation becomes law."

Rep. Frank Foster explained, "HB 5544 provides clarity and simplicity for citizens of this State, visitors, especially those involved in the outdoor pursuits, as well as law enforcement, with respect to knives. It eliminates archaic terms, such as dirk and stiletto, and makes clear that a violation of the law occurs if a person with criminal intent carries any knife.

At the same time, for those without criminal intent, it eliminates the 1950's era of prohibitions on automatic knives and prevents the misapplication of that law to various designs which have emerged in the decades since then.

It also very greatly restricts the existing prohibition on fixed blade knives, which should be especially welcomed by hunters, fishermen, hikers and others who enjoy the outdoors here in Michigan. We appreciate the input from the American Knife & Tool Institute for its technical assistance in putting together HB 5544 , which has resulted in wording that will be clearly recognized and understood by everyone," added Rep. Foster.

In addition to the repeal of Section 750.226a of the Michigan Penal Code, Michigan's "switchblade prohibition," HB 5544 will change Section. 227 regarding illegal fixed blade knives. The terms "dirk" and "stiletto" will be removed. Double-edged, non-folding instruments will be illegal if carried concealed except if a person is in their own home, place of business or on property they own or in transit between any of those locations. There is also an exemption if the double-edged, non-folding knife is carried for hunting, fishing, trapping or if used as a tool in the course of the person's trade, occupation, or hobby. All other fixed blade prohibitions are removed.

"This proposed legislation has been thoughtfully drafted and redrafted to meet the needs of Michigan and its residents and visitors. We appreciated the input of Attorney Peter O'Rourke and the "NRA-ILA in this process," explained Dan Lawson, AKTI Legal Contributing Counsel.

"I carry a knife with me each day. Under the current law, I, and, I believe most of the men who work and spend much time outdoors in northern lower Michigan, are potential felons - just for possessing a knife! As a citizen of Michigan, I thank AKTI for following through on this issue, and Frank Foster and staff for addressing a seriously flawed law." Michigan Attorney Peter O'Rourke

For links to more information or how to find your legislator, visit [url][/url].
For more information, call (307) 587-8296 or visit the American Knife & Tool Institute website at [url][/url]. The mailing address is 22 Vista View Lane, Cody, WY 82414-9606. Or follow AKTI at: [url][/url].


ABOUT: The American Knife & Tool Institute ([url][/url]) has been the advocacy voice of the entire knife community since 1998, ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools. AKTI is recognized worldwide as a respected, credible and accurate source of knife legislation information, legislative input, and industry information with a successful, proven record of accomplishments in making effective changes to restrictive knife laws and promoting reasonable and responsible laws and enforcement.

# # #

Ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell,
own, carry and use knives and edged tools.

Help Get the Word Out!
Posted on: 03-05-12 03:13.42     Posted by: James Nowka

<br />

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Georgia Knife Preemption Bill on the Move - If You Attend BLADE Show, or ever plan to - ACT NOW!

The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee has passed SB432, Knife Rights' Knife Law Preemption bill that would repeal all local knife ordinances more restrictive than state law This includes an Atlanta city ordinance that makes it illegal to carry any automatic or any knife with a blade longer than three-inches "readily available for use."

We have only until close of business on Wednesday to get this bill through the Senate Rules Committee and a Senate floor vote. As home to BLADE Show, successful passage of SB432 would not only ensure Georgia residents carrying a knife are treated fairly wherever they travel in Georgia, but all those traveling to Blade though towns and cities with knife laws more restrictive that Georgia's otherwise decent knife laws, would be safe from violation.

If you live, work or travel in Georgia, and this includes every BLADE Show exhibitor and attendee, please POLITELY contact the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Senate Rules

Committee and simply ask them to bring SB432 to a vote on the floor:

Chairman: Senator Don Balfour (404) 656-0095
Co-Chairman: Senator Bill Hamrick (404) 656-0036

SB432 is sponsored by Knife Rights' good friend, Senator Bill Heath, who has worked hard getting it through to this point. Now it is important for ALL of US to help him get it through the Senate (and then on through the House).

Knife Law Preemption protects honest citizens from a patchwork of local ordinances and rules that can entrap those traveling within or through a state in possession of knives that meet state law or wherever they live in the state. A person can be charged with a violation of law when they have no intention of violating the law.

BLADE Show, held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world's largest knife show and pumps millions of dollars into the local and state economy. SB432 will protect the thousands of exhibitors and visitors who travel to and from BLADE Show to buy, sell or simply enjoy the thousands of knives on display and the many knife-related events associated with BLADE Show.

EMAIL Senators Balfour and Hamrick TODAY and/or call them FIRST THING Monday morning.

Notice to KF Members
Posted on: 02-07-12 07:03.53     Posted by: James Nowka

<br />

KNIFEFORUMS.COM �Intelligent Discussion for the Knife Enthusiast
Greetings Friends,

JimNowkaDecember marked the start of a new chapter for Knifeforums . That's when F+W Media, with the goal of expanding and strengthening its BLADE brand, acquired Knifeforums. As part of this venture, I've joined F+W as an Associate Publisher.

Those of you who have been part of our community for a while know that Knifeforums has been a passion of mine since 1998. Together we've grown it into the premier and diverse discussion site that it is today.

By joining forces with F+W, parent company of BLADE Magazine, the BLADE Show, Gun Digest the Magazine and Gun Digest Books, to name just a few of its properties, we have an opportunity to make Knifeforums an even more robust site. This agreement is good for our community and for our industry.

What can you expect? For starters, let me tell you what won't change: I will continue operating Knifeforums, and it will continue to be THE place for you to visit, learn and chat about all the things that our members are passionate about. blade_newshead

Soon you will be hearing about ways that Knifeforums members will benefit from this new partnership. On Friday I'll be sending you a survey so you can tell me more about your interests. A few minutes of your time to answer that survey will help us better serve you, so be on the lookout for it. In the meantime, we're also working rapidly to launch our new Survival & Preparedness Community, add a Survival & Tactical Gear Expo to BLADE Show, and continue to bring you the best information on knives ... and everything else you care about!

Together we'll continue making history in the knife industry, being an all-inclusive site for knife enthusiasts and always striving to be the best.


James Nowka

P.S. - To showcase some of the great content now available to you, Click Here to read the FREE BLADE Knife Collector's Issue.

The Remedy has Arrived!
Posted on: 08-29-11 08:21.06     Posted by: James Nowka

James Nowka

The Remedy has Arrived!

Madison WI, - August 17, 2011 - Chef Knives To Go is pleased to announce the availability of the Richmond Remedy, a 240mm western handled stainless chef knife or gyuto, designed by Mark Richmond and manufactured by Lamson & Goodnow of Shelburne Falls, MA. The knife is offered at $229.95.

The Remedy, which follows his first knife, the Addict, is made of CPM154, has a 50/50 grind and is sharpened to 15 degrees. Peter's Heat Treat of Meadville, PA heat treated the knife to 61HRC.

"I am super excited about this knife," says Richmond, "It's a high performance, production knife made with high quality steel. It's also made in the USA which is important to me."

Other features of the knife include brass pins, a convex grind, and a 2mm spine thickness. The knife weighs in a 8oz.

Customers can choose a handle made of Cocobolo or Morado. Adam Marr of Adam Marr Knives is also working on custom handles which will be available for an additional charge.

You can view the knife with more pictures and details here:

Contact: Mark Richmond
Email:help@chefknivestogo .com

Damascus Drunk Parrot bottle opener
Posted on: 07-26-11 09:15.56     Posted by: Ivan Campos

<br />
My first bottle opener in damascus steel! It is about 3/16" x 1" x 2" and will not be shy about opening the best beers you find! It has been heat treated and given a deep etch so you can carry it in your keyring with no worries of the pattern washing away. US$ 65.00 shpped worldwide.
I don´t think I need to explain the name but it is because most everyone who saw it says it looks just like a parrot´s head.:D
Please e-mail me at Paypal welcome!

"Pete Kershaw Talks Knives"
Posted on: 11-12-10 13:26.40     Posted by: James Nowka

<br />

Press Release

- The Kershaw Store proudly announce s "Pete Kershaw Talks Knives" only at The Kershaw Store. Yes this is the Pete Kershaw who started it all as the founder of Kershaw Knives back in 1974 with an idea for a product that turned out to be one of the world’s most respected brands in first quality hunting, fishing, camping, and general purpose working knives….KERSHAW KNIVES. Nearly twenty five years later in 1998, he retired as President of the company and moved to a ranch near Sisters, Oregon. Since then he has kept up his interest in what’s going on in the knife industry, but as he says "thankfully I’m totally retired.

From Pete - "It’s been most pleasing to see that my successor, Kai USA, has advanced the company with an outstanding range of terrific new products manufactured in their new state of the art factory in Tualatin, Oregon. Quality without compromise was a cornerstone of Kershaw Knives from the beginning and now I can objectively state that is still the case. I am also extremely pleased that a company such as The Kershaw Store represents the brand in the upmost professionalism and maintains the highest standards in customer service that is second to none, and that most fail in comparison.

Each month The Kershaw Store sends out a newsletter promoting new models, specials, etc. Each newsletter will now introduce a new article from me discussing various topics related to the knife industry. I have had no financial or advisory involvement since 2,000 with either Kershaw Knives or Kai USA, and therefore will comment on their products with the same candor as I would with any other company. So each month check back at The Kershaw Store, look for the latest stories, reviews, and general good stuff about knives. "

Needless to say we are thrilled to have Pete writing short stories for everyones enjoyment each month. The stories will be announce in our newsletter at the beginning of each month. So to celebrate we are holding a give away. We just received the latest model from Zero Tolerance which is the 0700 Tanto Folder. This is one impressive knife and is in high demand. We are giving away one ZT 0700 Tanto folder to the one person who chooses closest to our secret number between 1-10,000. So please check out the site and the new "Pete Kershaw Talks Knives" section which already has two short stories, which are "Kids & Knives and the "The Pete Kershaw Story". The winner will be announced on Saturday November 20th. Thank You!

Chip Pittman
The Kershaw Store

April 2017
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